Q. What is the Seat Selection Process?

In June of 2018, Fifth Third Arena will undergo a full seat selection process, allowing all season ticket holders the opportunity to select their new seating locations based on their amount of priority points. This process will take place via our new online 3d seat selection software. The priority point system is intended to reward the loyalty and giving of all season ticket holders, and encourage contributions to UCATS and UC Athletics.

Q. How will I get my seat selection window opening time?

In early-June, your selection time will be emailed and mailed to all accounts that had full season tickets in either the 2016-17 season, 2017-18 season, or that have placed deposits before April 30th.

Q. What happens at my seat selection window opening time?

During your selection window provided, you will select your seat locations via our new online software. Several amenities, including a 3D Fifth Third Arena virtual venue, are available to aid you in this process. At your selection window opening time, your seat selection window opens and will remain open until your seats are selected. Fans only have 30 minutes to select their seats.

Q. How do I select my parking?

Parking will be selected at the end of this process. Parking will be processed similar to previous years at Fifth Third Arena. After your seat selection, you will list all garages in order of your preference. All parking passes are allocated each year based on your UCATS giving level and priority points. Parking will be allocated in August 2018.

Q. Are there limitations on the number of seats I can select?

Fans will have the opportunity to select a maximum of six (6) season tickets OR up to the number of season tickets purchased during the 2016-17 season in Fifth Third Arena.

Q. What happens if I did not place a deposit and want season tickets?

Season tickets will go on sale to the general public in August. The exact date has to be determined. To be included in the initial seat selection process, deposits must have been placed on or before April 30th.


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